College Shooting Scare at Simmons College, Boston MA


"Active threat on campus. If on campus, barricade door & hide. Avoid windows. Run, if option. Avoid campus. Wait for instructions." Dispatch Boston police officers! Dispatch armored vehicles! Simmons University is forced to go on lockdown as a student reports hearing gunshots on campus. As dispatch is arriving to the scene and conducting a search of the academic campus, students are being evacuated from Simmons University buildings in a single file line. These precautions lasted about 30 mins. "The emergency condition is over. Return to normal activities." Was it gunshots? No. The sound of balloons popping caused this student to report the sounds resembling “gunshots”. This is 2018. In today’s society, it’s not out of the blue to hear gunshots at school or on campus and to get frightened immediately. This is the world we live in.


On average, there is one reported school shooting every week this year in 2018. This is not good. Schools, colleges, universities, etc. all over the world fear this happening to them every day. We watch the news when shootings happen all over the country and somewhere in our minds we think: “That could’ve been my school” “That could’ve been me”.  


-Ronika P.